Our Profile And Goal


Polish Business Chamber in Italy is a non-profit organisation with its registered office in Bologna.

CAPI [PBCI] was established in July 2020 with the initiative of a group of Polish professionals and entrepreneurs who are professionally involved with Italy as a organisation which unites business, artistic and cultural environment.


The main CAPI’s [PBCI’s] goal is associating and consolidation of economic activity both Polish and Italian people by any activities that aimed at establishing contacts and business relations among own members and companies and investors from all over the world.

The Chamber is also a place where naturally Polish communities and families living in Italy meet. By its involvement, the Chamber promotes social ad cultural activity that enables to face a new and different reality.

One of the statutory activities of the Chamber is to promote Poland as a country as well as a brand.

Our Chamber is countrywide, we are in the process of building departments in the particular regions of Italy as well as in Poland. We are also in the process of establishing contacts and conducting common projects with the Chambers from all over the world, both Polish and Italian and also with these which represent other nations.

Affiliation to CAPI [PBCI] is an opportunity to benefit from the network that we create and also from many years of experience of our members and the Management Board in establishing any type of business relations.