30th Economic Forum – September 7-9 in Karpacz

The Economic Forum, which is the largest economic conference in Central and Eastern Europe, is changing its location. The jubilee 30th Economic Forum will be held in Karpacz on September 7-9, 2021. Located in the very centre of Europe, the hospitable land of Lower Silesia will open up to several thousand conference participants, offering a good access location, beautiful mountain views, healing air and mineral water intakes.

This year’s program of the Economic Forum will be realised under the motto “Europe in search of leadership”. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused increasing competition between European countries and slowed down integration processes within the EU. At the same time, the institutional and personal weaknesses of the European project became all the more visible. The aim of the discussion on the European leadership’s new dimension, necessary to build an economically competitive and morally responsible European Union, is to address possible ways out of this crisis.

Between September 7 and 9, Karpacz (Poland) will be visited by about 3,000 guests from Europe, Asia, North America and Africa. Heads of state and government members, business leaders, leading journalists and representatives of numerous NGOs will participate in plenary sessions and over 200 discussion panels. Substantive discussions will take place within several thematic paths, including such as “Business and Management”, “Europe of the Future”, “New Economy”, “International Policy”, “Security Forum”, “Society”, “Forum for the Protection of Health”, “Sustainable Development” and others. The Forum deliberations will be accompanied by an extensive cultural program.

There is, however, one more important element of the meetings of the “Davos of the East”, as the French daily “Le Monde” once described the Economic Forum. Being an elite meeting, our conference, for years has been providing an opportunity to talk behind the scenes with people making the most important economic and political decisions in this part of Europe.

The main partner of the 30th Economic Forum in Karpacz is the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. The main venue of the meeting will be the Gołębiewski Hotel in Karpacz. More information is available on the official website of the event: www.forum-ekonomiczne.pl.